Guides and Tips

Art Guidelines

The yellow box located on the item while designing it is the max imprint area. We recommend that you do not go outside that box or it could lead to your design being cut off.It is also recommended that you keep the text and art on your koozie as large as possible. When printed larger text looks better on the items than smaller text overall.

We also recommend making the text size the same size by using the px font size function located next to the font name selection.

It is not a good idea to overlap art, if it's not touching it is fine but if the ink is touching it does not come out that well when printed.
If you do choose to send in your own art it must be as specified:
  •  .AI or .EPS File formats
  • Vector art
  • Line weight of at least 1point
  • black and white

If your art does not meet this criteria please send it to us to look at before placing an order.