Guides and Tips

How to Add Text

Adding custom text is easy with with our Live Designer Tool.
  1. Just click the tad called add text.
  2. click on the line that says  "Type Your Text Here" delete the basic text
  3. Type in your own text.

Below the Add Text to product you can also change the font, arc the text and make it bold or italic if you would like. It's that simple! we allow you to add how many lines of text you want without extra charges on all koozie orders. We do however recommend making the text as large as possible since the koozies do sometimes look bigger on screen that they they are.

Custom koozies can be used by companies as a promotional product to help increase brand awareness and promote sales. Koozies can be custom printed with  business’s information to give to potential clients or customers. They are a great alternative to printed paper materials to get the company’s name out there at events such as conferences, trade shows, meetings, corporate events, fundraisers and community events. Custom Koozy has a variety of koozies to choose from with smaller minimum order sizes than other promotional product companies. This means that even mid-sized and small businesses can benefit from ordering.