Bachelor Party Koozies + coolers

Many party favors are disposable and forgettable, but a koozy is a useful bachelor party favor that the husband to be and all of his guests can hold on to. Years later, the groom can remember his special day while keeping his beer cold!  It is possible to order low quantity beer koozies that are customized to fit the tone and theme of the groom's party.

Bachelor Party Koozies at

Is the party going to get a little wild, perhaps at a club? In the special "bachelor party" section of our "Events" graphics, we have some luscious lady shapes to make the design sizzle, but don't stop there. Depending on what other activities the best man has planned, there are plenty of pictures of drinks and cards in the "Las Vegas" category, which can help paint a picture of what kind of night the groom is in for. This is a great keepsake for the groom to take out and remember his glory days, long after he has had to settle down.

The Funny

Bachelor parties aren't just a time for a groom to cut loose before he's tied down, but also a way for his best man to give him a good ribbing. Putting a joke on a custom bachelor party koozy is a great way to do it. In the wide selection of images, you can create plenty of visual gags through pairing and manipulating the images. For instance, under the "wedding" section of our graphics there is a set of hand cuffs. For a light hearted joke, these can be paired with a phrase like "Last night of Freedom" along with the date.

The Sentimental

A bachelor party is also when the groom's buddies are celebrating his transition into a new phase of life. It can represent a huge change for both the groom and his friends. With our text editor, you can create bachelor party koozies can that represent the friendship, maybe by displaying an inside joke, or favorite saying of the groom's crew. The best man may also want to make a bachelor party koozy that represents the groom's personality, using our image library to portray his interests, favorite team, or hobbies. This makes a memorable and heartfelt gift for the groom to reminisce about later, after the party is over.

The Outdoorsy Type

Perhaps the bachelor party in question is more likely to take place on a hunting trip, a fishing boat, or a hockey rink than in a club. For the more active groom, there is a wide variety of sports related imagery to personalize custom made bachelor party koozies. From pictures of guns, animals, and fish, to sports mascots, balls and pucks, there are plenty of ways to express the groom's love of his favorite activity.

Depending on the sort of party the groom is having (or the bride is allowing him to have!) custom bachelor party koozies can be created to fit all occasions. Once the tone and theme of the party is set, it's easy to create a koozy that will keep the drinks cold and add to the atmosphere of the party.

by Robert

March 12, 2013