Halloween Is Right Around The Corner

Halloween black orange cooler

Halloween is a time for parties for kids and adults alike. Custom koozy allows customers to customize Halloween koozies with anything at all. The only limit is the customer’s imagination.

Halloween Clipart Templates

There are many different clipart templates available on the website that customers can use to help customize koozies with a Halloween theme. The templates include a black cat, witches flying on their brooms in silhouette, jack-o-lanterns, a ghost, a moon with bats spooky castle and a full moon.

 These clipart templates can be used to quickly and easily customize Halloween can coolers to suit any theme from a fun kid’s party to a ghoulish haunted house.


The online designer tool at custom koozy can also help customers to come up with a completely unique design to screen print onto their Halloween koozies. This is a great option for people who want to use the can coolers to be a souvenir for a particular event, party or as promotional material for a business. There is a huge variety of colors to choose from when it comes to inks available for printing. However, the classic colors of orange and black are always a great choice for Halloween events of any kind or size.
Promotional Products
Many businesses give candy away to trick-or-treaters at Halloween. However, some offices such as dental offices and physicians’ offices may not feel comfortable filling their patients full of sugary sweets. Halloween coolers make a great alternative to candy, and can be customized to help promote the office as well. Patients can be reminded that seasonal goodies are fine in moderation, but to remember their healthy eating by being given a Halloween koozie with a bottle of water instead of a sugary snack. The koozie will surely be used throughout the year to keep drinks cold, and the user will see the logo time and time again.

Event Souvenirs




Haunted house

Do you own a haunted house? give out koozies that keeps the memory of that scary moment!
Halloween is often a time where nightclubs, bars, restaurants and hotels hold large events for adults. Halloween can coolers can be customized for guests with the event name and date so that the party is never forgotten. Whether the koozie holds a soda or an alcoholic beverage, the user can be sure that they will keep a firm grip on it without worrying about the drink becoming too warm to drink. Even better, the user’s hands will be kept condensation-free so that they don’t have to worry about embarrassingly wet handshakes when they meet new people.

House Parties

House parties can also benefit by having scary can coolers available for guests to use and take home. Even the smallest ghost and ghoul can appreciate a souvenir from a fun night that can be used over and over again. The koozie can  fbe customized with a smiling pumpkin face for younger kids or an evil skull for a teenage crowd. Try ordering koozies with the name of the host and the year to help remember who hosted last year’s Halloween bash.
Koozies are a great product for people who are celebrating Halloween in style. Regardless of the event, there are Halloween koozies available that can be customized to suit it.

by Rob

November 20, 2012