Give a gift they will remember

Custom designed koozies are a fun and inexpensive way to provide a piece of memorabilia for any kind of reunion. The possibilities are limitless when creating special pictures or phrases to commemorate a milestone reunion. Just about anything can be printed in almost any color on these unique gift items.

Customer Service a High Priority

There is little more important to the staff and management of Custom Koozy than customer service. The company’s goal is total customer satisfaction, and this is what all representatives work toward every day. The convenient company website features a resourceful tool for use by customers who want to design their own reunion koozies. Any customers who have trouble understanding how to work the online tool may get immediate assistance from a customer service representative by going to the help desk feature on the website.

Top Notch Art Department

All art work is done inhouse and nothing is outsourced to foreign companies. A highly efficient and well-trained staff is able to accomplish an extremely fast turnaround time on most artwork. The art department is able to work overtime and weekends to handle any rush orders that come through. Typically proofs can be emailed to customers approximately 2 days from the initial placement of an order. Customers willing to pay a little extra may get a 24-hour turnaround time. Additionally, clip art templates are available for customers wishing to do their own art work.

Perfect Memento for Reunions

A specially designed koozy may make an excellent memento at any reunion. A popular gift for high school and college reunions, the item has plenty of room for a picture of a school mascot or even the words of a beloved alma mater or fight song. A sorority or fraternity reunion is another event where these items can be used to keep favorite brands of beer chilled as well as family reunions for sodas and other drinks. Other reunions where these decorative keepsakes may make great gifts include military platoons and battalions, businesses celebrating milestones, churches, neighborhood associations, all kinds of sports teams, trade associations, choirs and theater groups.

Special Features

It is even possible to have photographs screen printed on these gift items as well as imprints of cartoons or other drawings. The collapsible versions can fold and fit easily into a pocket or purse, and those that feature carabiners can clip onto belt loops, backpacks or almost anything else. There are even eco-friendly options that are partially made from recycled foams, and others that feature an interesting wave design along the top edge.

Other Interesting Designs

One of the more expensive versions is made from thick neoprene, which is the same substance that is used to make wet suit material. The koozy can keep cold drinks at 40 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 40 minutes – just enough time to finish drinking a 12 ounce can. Most of the company’s merchandise is made in the USA by adult residents, as the company believes in and practices corporate responsibility. Available in quantities of 15 to 5,000 with no set up charge, the regular foam item tends to be the most popular at reunions of all kinds.

These unique coolers are also made to hold bottled beverages too. Artwork and lettering for reunions and other events may be printed on the special bottle coolers. Some feature zippers to keep them snug around the bottles and others have carabiner clips. Not just for beer, the bottle coolers can also be used on water bottles, sodas or any other beverages that come in bottles. All the best reunions feature Custom Koozies for take-away gifts.

by Robert

January 08, 2013