Marketing with Koozies

Marketing companies have had to come up with increasingly ingenious areas to place ads for them to truly be noticed by their audiences. Many consumers have simply tuned out radio ads, television commercials, bus stop ads, billboards and the like because they are constantly inundated by these types of ads. For a nice change of pace, try marketing with koozies instead to get your company information noticed.

Tradeshow Booths

Many potential customers can be reached by renting a booth at a tradeshow. However, dozens of companies are often simply lined up handing out promotional materials and information to people attending the tradeshow. Most of the things handed out are paper – brochures, pamphlets, manuals, business cards and fliers are used to inform the crowd about the business and the products or services that can be provided. It can be easy to be lost in this information overload or to misplace a business card in the pile. Companies who have customized koozies to hand out will literally stand out from the crowd of companies vying for new business.

Office Visitors

Another way to use coolers for marketing is to give them to visitors to the office. Whether the office is large or small, clients will be more likely to remember it when they are given a take away promotional product such as a useful koozie. The koozie, unlike many other promotional products, is a very useful product that people are likely to use again and again. Try handing them out at office meetings, staff gatherings, company events and even meetings outside of the office. The customization possibilities will help to promote brand awareness and increase sales.


Koozies can be customized with pretty much anything that can be imagined. The koozie itself is available in 14 different colors, and can be customized with 17 different colors of ink. True Imprint makes it easy to get creative with the customization by having an art department onsite to receive custom images and help clients to get a high quality and professional end product. The on staff artists are available to receive a company’s custom logo and business information to produce customized koozies for marketing. There are thousands of different clipart images and dozens of fonts available for customers to quickly and easily produce their own design all with the simple click of a button.

coolies can easily be customized in a wide variety of colors. Make sure to consider the color of the koozie itself before choosing which color of ink should be used in the screen printing process. Experts suggest using light colored ink on dark colored drink coolers and dark colored ink on light colored drink coolers. This will help to provide a high contrast to the information printed on the koozie and draw attention to it. It is also important to work with the art department to provide high quality graphics for use on the custom made product. High quality artwork will provide crisp and professional images for the graphic artists to work with.

Another reason that koozies make a good choice for marketing is because of their low cost. The larger the order size, the lower the cost per koozie for the customer. This is because the artwork has already been completed, and the stencil has already been made, making it easy to simply print off an increased number. Not all companies will allow the smaller minimum order sizes that small and mid-sized businesses may require. True Imprint has options with low order sizes and even no minimum order sizes to make sure that all of their customers’ needs are met.
Marketing can be extremely expensive and time consuming for those looking to increase a business’ client base and increase awareness of their brand. However, a customized koozie can be ordered quickly and inexpensively to make a big difference to a company’s bottom line.

by Rob

October 02, 2012