Top 7 Koozie Picks for a Refreshing Summer

Are you ready for some sun-sational fun?

The first day of summer is gently carving its way into this part of the world!

Summer to most mean beach visits, road trips, barbecues, weddings and a whole load of endless outdoor fun.

That said, summer also means scorching heat.

Heat that can...
                 Bring out the worst headaches.
                 Make you drenched in sweat in just a matter of minutes.
                 Suck out even the littlest ounce of hydration from your system.

Most people, in situations like these, crave for one thing and one thing only: a cold freezing drink....and they want it seconds.

So, if you are someone who wants to enjoy your chilled drink whenever you want or even better...wherever you want, here is what's going to be your best friend this summer: A Koozie

But, not just any Koozie.
Below you will find our top 7 Koozie pick for this summer:-


Summer Bottle Koozie

If you think that the mercury rise can touch your drink when covered with this zippered bottle are wrong. Your drink will stay cold forever in this tightly insulated bottle koozy. It is perfect to house long neck beers and soda bottles.
So if you are hosting a barbecue this weekend and don't want your drinks to go to waste, then suit it up so your guests can enjoy them forever!


I foudn love koozie

 Summer is the season of love. It is when many love stories find its start. Are you ready for some summer love? If yes, then so is your drink. Become the Cupid and get your drink its perfect match. This cute koozy, with its felt lined interior and cloth exterior, promises to protect your drink from its kryptonite: the sun.



Summer is about forming new relationships and strengthening old ones. Friends, families and trips is what it's all about. Traveling to exotic places can be fun but "hot". So get your drink some company with this collapsible koozy whose high quality leather like exterior gives it an edgy look.




summer is here koozies4.

We guarantee that your drink will float on cloud 9 forever, with this non- collapsible metallic reflection Koozie. It will reflect away all the hot rays of sun and secure your drink's freshness for you to enjoy after a good run or a hard game of football. So, is the temperature soaring on the outside? Don't worry, your drink will never know!


hugs in summer koozie
















Summer is also about celebrating nature and relationships. Did you know that hugs are in this summer? Hug your friends and families. Then hug the nature with this collapsible Eco Koozie. It is made from 10% recycled foam. The polyester exterior and inner lining of foam will "hug" all the condensation away from your drink out at all times.


beer koozie friends

This Koozie with a carbiner key ring makes an excellent souvenir for parties and promotional events. It is truly your drink's best friend. The black font and design in the grey background makes it a fantastic neutral gift that both genders can flaunt.


fun koozies

Great friends, good music and delicious food defines summer. But what makes it special is drinks! Drinks that you can share with your loved ones sitting around the table. It is what brings out stories, funny moments and memories that you and your friends can treasure for years to come. Dress up your drink with our deluxe koozies. It will ensure that you enjoy a chilled beer in any picnic, barbecue or beach.


So which one is your favorite? Please tell us in the comment section below. Also, please don't forget to share your finds with your friends and families!

by Robert

May 14, 2013