Made In the USA Koozies


Custom Koozy believes in America do our competitors? Not really! We know how important it is to buy American made products, and we want you to know that we now carry can coolers and Koozies made in the good old USA. It's true that we love our country and strongly believe American made products do a lot to help keep the USA strong and competitive in the world market.

Our products that are made in the USA are clearly labeled "MADE IN THE USA"
 Made In the USA koozies made here
However, there are plenty of other reasons to buy American products, some of which may surprise you.

US Production is Greener

Clean air, soil, and water are important to us, so choosing environmentally safe production methods are vital. Did you know that Koozies made in the USA are more earth-friendly than those made in other countries? Buying products from other countries means they have to be shipped to the USA, which uses more fuel than products produced in the country. By keeping production local, there is less pollution from transportation. The US also has stricter policies about industrial waste. Other countries may have less stringent policies, and use toxic chemicals in production.

Products Made in the US have Fewer Safety Recalls than Foreign Products

It seems like every few months the news reports on a foreign product recall, due to poisons such as lead or dangerous manufacturing defects. In 2009, the American Association for Justice reported that 83% of product recalls in the US were on products from places like China. In the USA, there are higher production standards, ensuring that products are safe. By producing Koozies in the USA, we are conforming to those high standards, protecting our customers. Keeping manufacturing close to home makes it easier to oversee production and provide the safest product possible.

Working Conditions in the US are More Ethical

The pictures of manufacturing in other countries can be heartbreaking. Small children work in dark factories for pennies a day. Sweatshops with inhumane conditions, terrible pay, and no way to register a complaint about the situation are common in some places. Our Made in the USA Koozies are not manufactured by children. Our workers are adults who are paid a fair wage, and work in safe surroundings. By purchasing American Made products, you are sending a message that you support fair treatment and working conditions for everyone. We believe no one should have to work in a sweat shop.

American Made Products are Better for the Economy

Finally, when you buy Koozies that are made in America , you are doing your part to help the economy. In today's tough economic climate, buying things that are made in the USA is more important than ever. Every American made product that you purchase represents an American that you have kept employed. Buying American made products also helps the US stay on top of technological advances. When a business manufactures a product in the USA, they need to overcome the puzzles that manufacturing processes can create. Solving those puzzles here creates a smart workforce.

Now that you understand all of the benefits of American made products, you can purchase our Made in the USA Koozies with a clear conscience. It's always good to know that you are doing your part to keep our nation strong, but it's also great to know that you are defending the environment, and standing up for fair treatment of workers all over the world. Send a message about what you believe in. Buy American made products. Buy Koozies that support America.

by Rob

December 05, 2012