Happy New Year

From the staff over at Custom Koozy we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Happy New Years kooziesNew Year’s Eve parties can be made more memorable with custom koozies that come in easily stored collapsible foam, thick foam for canned drinks and special designs just for bottled drinks. Available in many color choices with custom art printed on one or both sides, these colorful drink coolers are excellent give away items for parties and other events commemorating the New Year.

Professional Customer Service

There are no set up fees when designing special koozies and the products may be returned for a full refund in the event they are not correct. Delivery is guaranteed to be on time and most products are not only made in the U.S.A, but are made using environmentally safe processes and non-toxic materials. This results in a New Year’s gift that is not only fun to use and attractive to look at, but is also safe for the body and the environment.

Get Creative

The in house art department is ready to offer assistance with design ideas and color combinations. The skilled professionals among the art department staff are able to create high quality designs while staying within a budget and offering cost saving tips. The collapsible versions are typically the least expensive, and ordering larger volumes also cuts the cost per unit as well as saves on shipping costs. These are excellent items to give away at New Year’s Eve parties, to give to clients to commemorate the New Year or to hand out to other individuals when ringing in the New Year.

Made in America

Most Custom Koozies are made in the U.S.A. where regulations governing pollution, industrial waste and the use of toxic materials are more stringent than in many other countries that make similar products. U.S. companies are held to high safety standards resulting in products that rarely threaten the health of consumers. Most product recalls in America are on products that originated in other countries. In addition, American workers are paid a decent wage and are also required to be teenagers or adults. The company does not employ children to make New Year’s or any other koozies.

Great Uses for New Year’s Koozies

There are a number of uses for koozies during New Year’s Eve celebrations. They last a long time and can help party goers remember where they were and what they were doing when the New Year rolled in. It serves the practical purpose of keeping hands warm and dry on a cold night. Individuals may want to have a clever saying relating to the New Year printed on their koozy, while businesses may want to print their contact information and mission statement on the koozy.

The next New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, and handing out koozies during a new year’s celebration can give party goers something to hold on to so that they may remember the event for years to come. The more creative the art and text on the koozy, the fonder the memories may be of the New Year’s party or event.

by Rob

December 18, 2012