St. Patrick's Day customized koozies

One of the most versatile consumer items on the market that has the ability to be completely customized are koozies. By designing them with shamrocks and leprechauns in mind, you will be able to have some great St. Patrick’s Day memories to hold on to.

st patricks day kooziesWhen it comes to gift giving, many people are feeling the financial pinch. This is why they are resorting to more affordable options such as koozies. A koozy may seem like a small and often insignificant item, but these insulated drink holders have the ability to be completely customized in order to suit any client’s needs. Various koozy designs and types allow almost anyone to find a koozy that suits their needs. For those who don’t want a bulging pocket because of having a full-sized koozy in it, there are collapsible varieties that fold flat. There are standard koozies that fit over drink cans and for those who prefer to use bottles but still enjoy having their drink as cold as possible, there are bottle coolers too.

St. Patrick’s Day can coolers Ideas

Although many people may be familiar with the various pictures and symbols that are associated with this popular Irish holiday, others are not. The most obvious aspect of the holiday though, is the fact that the color green is used to depict the symbols associated with it. This is why it may be an excellent idea to choose green koozies if you wish to have them commemorating St. Patrick’s Day. Once you have chosen the appropriate shade of green, it is then time to start choosing the various holiday-related designs to print on to your custom printed koozies. Among the most common images that are used to depict this famous holiday are leprechauns, four-leaf clovers or shamrocks as they are otherwise known.

We Supply Small or Large Quantities
Although many manufacturers out there only cater for customers who wish to place large customized order, we are different. Custom Koozy is able to provide you with as few or as many St. Patrick’s Day Koozies as you wish. This is because we realize that our smaller clients are just as important as our larger clients, and by accepting a small order from them, we open to doors to potentially supplying far larger orders to them in the future. Our Koozies are available in a range of 26 eye-catching colors, so there is sure to be a variety of green that is suitable for your St. Patrick’s Day order.
By ordering your can coolers  from us, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality at the best prices. Whether it’s a bold leprechaun design that you wish to have or simply a row of sedate shamrocks around the border, we are able to ensure that you will be completely satisfied with your order.

by Rob

February 20, 2013