We recommend reading the policies before placing your order

We try and meet and exceed your expectations but there are certain limits to what we can do


We understand if you made a mistake on your order, If you need to make a change please do so as soon as possible. If the item has started printing there is nothing we can do to change the art but will will try. We recommend notifying us within 24hrs if possible if you do see an error.

Spelling Mistakes

We recommend proofing your order to make sure there are no spelling mistakes. For every order placed we do send a pdf file with the design attached to your invoice. If you notice a spelling error let us know as soon as possible by either replying to your invoice or by using the contact us page.


Product and Imprint colors

Our items are produced in factories in the USA and overseas. We cannot fully control the exact imprint or item color of our products. slight specs may also differ slightly from what is shown on our site. To minimize the errors we do update our color charts on a regular basis. But we do offer free random samples of our items, we recommend you please request one if you need your colors to be spot on 100% accurate. Don't worry royal blue will always be royal blue! And Black will always be black.

Imprint Colors

You must choose your imprint colors carefully. We recommend printing light colors like white on a dark colored item like black koozies. White ink will look a lot better on black than lets say brown ink which will barely show up at all.

However, many people have different tastes about what looks good.Therefore, we will NOT judge your options NOR will not be held liable for bad color choices. We will however send you a free random sample to checkout the colors if you like. Just use the Contact us and let us know which item you would like and colors.

We do try our hardest to recommend color changes if we see something wrong